Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The person you love to hate, either way

Ok, I'm finished wallowing in self-pity now.

I had a doctor's appointment today for my thyroid check-up, but I forgot to get my bloodwork done ahead of time (like I can keep track of a bloodwork order they gave me 6 months ago) so I basically paid a $15 copay to get weighed. I just paid to get weighed yesterday at Weight Watchers, and that seems like altogether too much to pay for an experience that is just plain unpleasant.

But the doctor's appointment was actually a good thing, because it made me realized something. My doctor went through the usual list of questions, and at the end asked "Do you have any complaints you'd like to discuss?". I thought for a minute, and the truth was, no I didn't. And that's a good thing. I still have my pesky carpal tunnel, but that only bothers me at night and it's usually pretty minimal as long as I wear wrist braces. Since I've picked up the exercise, my back is hurting much less. Emily is sleeping pretty well and is no longer taking all my energy in the form of milk, so I feel pretty energetic on a day to day basis, plus after fighting with my thyroid for the past 14 years I feel pretty confident that we've figured out good dosages for my various medicines.

I know how to lose weight, I have done it before and now I have the resolve again and have already started seeing results and that's fun. It's gotten a touch warmer the past couple days and the days are getting longer. I feel like I'm coming out of a funk I just now realized I was in.

In one day I've gone from the person you love to hate because she lays around complaining to the person you love to hate because she's so damned cheerful.

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