Monday, March 24, 2008

Who needs sleep when you're blogging?

Well, my whole family is in bed now, except me. I should be in bed, since my amazing daughter who can thrive on very little sleep is sleeping and therefore so should I be, but no, here I am at the computer. I've been busily rinsing out diapers, finishing the dishes, and mixing up my own home made Taro to kill the ants I just found by the fireplace before Will sees them tomorrow and flips out. The poor guy spent hours on Saturday up to his elbows in ant spray, irradicating the disgusting ant nest from under our Aerogarden after my various homeopathic methods failed to get rid of the ants. They actually seemed to enjoy my various methods of vinegar, cayenne pepper and bay leaves. "Pour us some olive oil so we can mix up a tasty salad dressing for the queen!" they seemed to cry.

So after doing all my before-bed chores, I am enjoying some computer time. I miss the computer, since our laptop is in its crotchety twilight years and will now only charge if it feels like it, so it's difficult to use the laptop which is normally how I spend all my time online. Using this computer upstairs in the office is a trick, since the office is pretty much the opposite of babyproofed so I can only use it when Emily is not awake and in my care. Will says we can't get a new laptop until I stop dropping them on the floor :-/ In all fairness, our laptop has met with the floor an amazing number of times, but most of them were because of dogs or babies or jerks in the security line at the Miami airport who crash into me while I'm taking the laptop out for inspection. I say we should just get a toughbook.

Emily's first friend birthday party went off well last week. There was no pressure to give my child cupcakes or other junk, and it was lots of fun to watch 7 babies play with each other while getting a chance to talk to other moms. Now I have turned my attentions to Emily's party which will be here before I know it. I am weighing the pros and cons of a couple of different themes (Rubber Duckies or Safari Animals?) and trying to decide if I can make a cute and tasty cake with cream cheese and pineapple juice frosting from my "Super Baby Food" book, or if I should just say screw it and make her a sugary confection to dig into on her big day.

The rest of this weekend was spent dining with Brad and Kim, celebrating my youngest sister's 20th birthday (which is actually today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHLEEN!) and Eastering with the Randalls. When we weren't celebrating, we were wallowing around in self-pity, because all three of us have been sick. We probably all have the same illness, but we're exhibiting it in different ways. First I started with a raw, sore throat, sinus pressure and body aches. Then Emily started with a nose that won't quit running. Today Will woke up with sore throat and just generally felt wiped all day. We thought we were experiencing allergies, but as I am getting better and seem to have passed it to everyone else, we are now thinking it's more of a cold. Will said this morning when he woke up feeling awful, he decided he needed to "man up" since I had functioned for 2 days with whatever this is, so he bravely contributed what he could to the day, even though he was feeling like crap. There were still quite a few more Smash Brothers Brawl characters unlocked at the end of the day than there were this morning, but still, I'm proud of him for proving that not all men are babies when they're sick!

And as the week goes on, we're going to be exploring some exciting possibilites. I hate to be a tease, but we're being secretive now. I will explain all when the time is right, dear reader(s?)

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