Friday, November 4, 2011

Everything Zen

I've been feeling very "zen" today.  On the way to preschool I was just enjoying looking at the colors on the trees and marveling that there are still quite a few leaves hanging in there!  This is hands-down the longest fall we've had in recent memory; usually the leaves start to change, then we immediately we get a big storm and they're gone.  As I pulled into the preschool parking lot there was a row of trees showering bright orange leaves as I drove underneath, Let it Be started playing (I was listening to my music on random), the girls were actually getting along and giggling in the back seat and I just felt happy.

Zumba was great this morning too.  I hadn't taken a class with Jessie in over a week, although I felt bad for her because she had some kind of chest cold type thing going on ON TOP of being pregnant (which is the WORST because you can't take any medicince!)  What a trooper.  It helped me to get through the tough class because I knew I wasn't suffering as much as she was.  It was especially tiring for me today because I actually felt like going for a run once the kids were in bed last night and I surprised myself by doing 2.1 miles.  I like to run every now and then just to make sure I can.  I have to check that my current cardio routine is doing its job!  But I always feel especially sore and tired the next day!

When I picked up our CSA, we once again got some bonus produce in the form of a big bag of extra apples, and when I went to buy some pears (since there weren't any in our box this week) she just gave them to me.  She said she was going to put pears in everyone's boxes this week but people had been complaining that they were getting too many pears and they didn't know what to do with all of them.  THEY'RE PEARS PEOPLE!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE?  STOP COMPLAINING WHEN A HARD-WORKING FARMER WANTS TO GIVE YOU FRESH PRODUCE!

My bubble of well-being seemed to extend outward to cover others today too.  I was driving along on the highway on the way to pick up Emily when traffic SLAMMED to a halt out of nowhere.  I seemed to be near the front of the issue, so I craned my head to see what was going on up ahead.  I noticed that about 4 carlengths in front of me there was an SUV facing me.  Extremely odd.  As I watched, it backed up a little, executed a U-turn as everyone waited, and then continued on its way.  I expected to come across debris and a couple other dented cars as I drove by, but all that was in the road was a skid mark that spanned all 3 lanes of traffic.  I am pretty sure I witnessed a miracle!  For whatever reason, an SUV did a skidding 180 across 3 lanes of traffic going 60 mph and no one was hurt in the slightest.  I call that amazing.

I made sure to embrace my happy mood today and spent plenty of time cuddling my girls and appreciating the little things.  There's really no excuse for a person as lucky as me to not be happy all the time, but being human I can always find things to complain about.  I'm sure I'll be back to my old shenanigans tomorrow but for today I'll thank my lucky stars for what I have (and that I did not go 4 carlengths faster on the highway today).

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