Tuesday, November 8, 2011

News and new kitties

*This was to be published on Saturday, but I delayed it to double-check that some news I share later was ok to share.  Again, please just imagine you are reading this on Saturday night because I don't feel like going through and changing all the "this morning" instances to "the morning of 3 days ago".

Today started the same as any other Saturday (Emily coming into our room and telling me to get out of bed, Saturday morning breakfast sandwich, gym etc.) and THEN...pretty much just continued the same way as every other Saturday. The girls and I headed over to my sister's apartment around lunchtime to meet her new kitties, Palmer (as in Arnold Palmer) and Nicholas (as in Jack...Nicklaus. Hmmm.) My husband was notably absent, due to his untouched-by-almost-a-year-of-shots cat allergy.

Why hello there


Gratuitous shot of Emily screaming at me not to take a picture of her
The girls were really good with the kitties, and even more surprising, the kitties were really good with the girls!  They are really gentle, affectionate little guys.  It'll be nice to have another place I can go for my kitty fix.  Then again, it's one more place Will CAN'T go now. 

After running home to nap Charlotte, we were back out to Lyle and Wendy's house for a Mary Kay consultation and sushi!
Charlotte quickly confiscated my applicators and joined in on the fun

Abigail eventually joined us for her first makeup lesson too

Sushi time!

Sushi time was quickly followed by marshmallow time

Charlotte shopping for Abigails

Turnaround is fair play
 The most fun part of the night was the double big reveal...Wendy and Carolyn are both pregnant and due within a couple weeks of each other!  I was SO hoping they would both "come out" tonight, because I knew Carolyn was pregnant, and I knew Wendy was pregnant, but neither of them knew the other one was pregnant.  I have a horrible time keeping my big mouth shut and trying to keep a double secret with all parties present was a tall order.  Luckily for me though, I was not the one who blew it, Will took that duty upon himself.

Once these babies are born, between the three couples we'll have Sam and Emily (who are 4 months apart), Charlotte and Abigail (who are 4 months apart) and new babies #1 and 2 who will be only a month or so apart.  We will have 3 neat little sets of best friends to play together :-)  Since my sisters and sisters-in-law refuse to produce any cousins, I love that we are able to have "friend cousins" close in age for the kiddoes. 

Will and I realized this neat little factoid, and he was about to explain it to Lyle and Wendy last week when I hushed him.  Phew!  We avoided giving away Carolyn and Christian's secret!  Tonight however, when talk turned to babies and Carolyn and Christian "came out", Will said "I almost let the secret slip last week, I was about to tell Lyle and Wendy how cool it will be to have 2 MORE kids in our group who are so close in age!"  Um, yeah, Lyle and Wendy hadn't made their announcement yet.  Oops.

I am so excited for both of my friends, and also excited to be sitting this round (and all future rounds) of pregnancy out!  It means I'll get to hold and play with my friends' babies without having a baby of my own to attend to at the same time.  And it means Charlotte will get a tiny bit of experience being in a big sister role without any effort on my part :-)  Maybe at least one of them will even have a boy this time, we've kind of been stuck in a girl loop so far!

Will and I just put some still-very-wound-up girls to bed, and are looking forward to getting an extra hour of sleep tomorrow morning!  Hopefully all the playing and staying up late wore them out enough that we'll actually be able to get more sleep out of this time change for the first time in many years!*

*Yeah, that didn't happen.

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