Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Extra protein

Perhaps you have heard the news reports about the northern Thailand bug-eating conferences that have been going on recently. I heard a report on the radio yesterday, and my reaction was, in a word, "yuck". I don't like to look at or be around bugs, let alone think about eating them.

What I didn't realize is that Emily, feigning sleep back in her snazzy new Britax carseat, must've heard the report too. How do I know this? I just turned around from doing dishes to discover her on the floor, munching on something. That something, based on the remaining bits I found lying around her, was a desiccated ladybug. I have snatched a dead ladybug from her clutches once before, but she managed to ingest this one before I was able to stop her.

Maybe she's just on the cutting edge of the research and is adding extra protein and minerals to her diet. Maybe it's no weirder than the raw fish I'm looking forward to sharing with Will tonight. But, considering the fact that I just had to use the "Here comes the airplane" trick to get her to open her mouth so I could remove a bit of styrofoam she was snacking on, I am inclined to think her motives are not nutritive in nature.

And I think I need to vacuum again.

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