Thursday, February 28, 2008


Well, Krista is out of surgery but still in a lot of pain and cursing at anyone who gets near her :-) She doesn't handle anesthesia or pain too well. Mom says she's getting a taste of what Krista will be like when she's in labor.

So that's good news!

And to distract myself today, I've been taking pictures of Emily and our ever-growing diaper collection.

Here's Emily with the shirts a sweet mama on diaperswappers made for her to match a couple of her diapers :-)

Here are the two Goodmama diapers that arrived today!

I only meant to get one...I was thinking of selling the ice cream diaper but it looks like Emily might have other ideas!

I had to get the frog diaper when I saw it, because it perfectly matches a shirt and yarn I bought to make an outfit for Emily for next winter:

Why yes, I am a dork. But I am a dork with an incredibly fashionable daughter :-P

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