Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love that super-rapidity

Why on earth does the regular cycle on my bread machine exist?  I've always assumed that the regular 4 hour bread cycle gave better results, and that you should only use the super rapid cycle if you find yourself in a bread emergency and need a loaf right now.  Well I was in just such an emergency tonight, and let me tell you, my results using the super-rapid cycle were far superior to the results I get with the regular cycle!  None of this top-of-the-loaf-falling-down-into-a-sad-little-concave-puddle business that I've been battling with...when I opened the lid this evening I was treated to the sight of a glorious loaf of bread, standing tall and proud.

So in my opinion, the super-rapid cycle should just be the regular cycle, and the regular cycle should be called "the cycle you use if you want to wait a long time and still end up with crappy bread".

This post would be better with pictures, but my droopy loaves of bread are just too sad-looking to photograph, and my super-rapid success tonight was also consumed super-rapidly so you just get yammerings with no pictures.  Sorry.

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