Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh baby

(I wrote this post a week ago, but I am just now posting it because we wanted to tell family in person first!)

Yep. I got up at 4AM this morning, which is my usual time to get up and pee, and I peed on a stick while I was at it. Sure enough, as I watched, the second pink line went from "snowy white...guess I'm not pregnant this month" to "huh, I think I might see a shadow of a line", to "yeah, that's definitely a line!" My first thought was "wow, that was quick!" This was our first month trying, although we tried for awhile back in the fall before going on a hiatus to avoid me being super-pregnant at Will's sister's wedding or having a Christmas baby, and I guess I didn't really expect it to happen right away.

I laid the test next to Will's sink so he would see it in the morning, then crawled back into bed. I thought "Man, I couldn't get back to sleep after I took the pregnancy test at 4 in the morning that told me I was pregnant with Emily, but I really feel sleepy this time." I was already worried that I was going to conk right out, and that made me feel bad because it was like I was showing favoritism to Emily already. Yay! A whole new kind of mommy guilt! Rest assured though, I remained awake until well after 5 thinking about having a baby and all the things we have in store for us in the next 9 months. So far, I'm almost as excited as I was with Emily, but I don't know if you CAN be quite as excited for your second pregnancy as you are with your first.

Will ended up going to the bathroom 3 times and not noticing the pregnancy test right by his sink. He finally asked me if I had tested this morning, and I told him yes, I had laid the test by the sink and he had already passed it 6 times. I heard a pause, then "I don't know what I'm looking're pregnant? That was quick!"

I haven't had the voracious hunger I experienced starting the second I got pregnant with Emily, but perhaps that is because I have more copious "maternal fat stores" this time around. I have felt pretty tired in the afternoons, but it was hard to tell if that could be pregnancy-related or a result of me cutting out caffeine. I did start getting weird cramps yesterday, exactly when I started getting them last time, so that's pretty much the only similarity so far.

I still couldn't really believe I was pregnant this morning, but over the course of the day I have had indigestion, come this close to throwing up because I all of a sudden got tired of the tomatoes I was eating (seriously, I was in the bathroom gagging for awhile), became quite hungry as soon as I didn't feel like I was going to throw up anymore, and teared up when I heard "Ode to Joy" at the end of one of the Pixar short films on the WALL-E DVD. Maybe it's psychological, but it's like my body is giving me a little refresher course on what I have to look forward to these next 9 months.

So my due date should be around January 15th, and if I go 10 days early like I did with Emily it'll be pretty dang close to new year. Christmas is going to be hard for me this year, so I have decided I need to do everything NOW so I won't have to waddle around buying presents and making gifts at 37 weeks pregnant. I am pretty freaked about the possibility of getting snowed in and not being able to make it to the hospital, or my mom not being able to make it, or whoever's going to watch Emily not being able to make it to the house, but these days we don't get much snow in the winters, so hopefully this year will follow suit. Besides, I am ready to have another baby now, and the possibility of snow is a poor reason to delay adding to your family if you're ready. But as ready as I am to have another kiddo, there's still that whole giving birth again thing. You always know that part is coming at some distant time in the future, but getting that positive pregnancy test officially starts the ticker and makes you realize that there are the beginnings of a baby in there now, and that baby will have to come out somehow.

We're very excited though, and in 36 short weeks we'll be welcoming a new little brother or sister for Emily!

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