Thursday, May 14, 2009

The pregnancy brain...I has it

Yesterday I was at the grocery store, and I wanted to pick up some ice cream for Will. His favorite kind (fat free, sugar free of course) comes in 4 different flavors. He already has a couple vanillas and peanut brittles, so I wanted to get him a cherry fudge ripple. When I got home and went to put it in the garage freezer, I realized I had bought a peanut brittle.

I explained this to Will before he went out to get his ice cream after dinner, and he chuckled and said "Pregnancy brain is setting in." "No!" I insisted, "The cherry fudge ripples were in the pile all the way to the left, and the peanut brittles were in the pile all the way to the right at the store. There's no way I took one off the right pile when I meant to take one off the pile all the way on the opposite side. I'm sure they just put one in the wrong place." "Sure" said Will. I sat and pouted while he went out to the garage.

When he came back in, he handed me my sunglasses. Which I had put in the freezer.

That kind of negated any argument I could have come up with against me having pregnancy brain. So I just put on my sunglasses and told him how delightfully refreshing they felt.

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Jamie and Brian said...

This story made my day, thanks for sharing!!