Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So we got Will's liver levels tested the other day, and they came back wonderfully, completely normal, along with all the other tests they did. No problems. Not even Epstein-Barr.


Apparently, Will has NOT had Epstien-Barr these past few months. The doctor who told him he had it said today that no, he HAS had it at some point in his life, but he does not have it now.

Welcome to the medical community, where every bit of good news is accompanied by another bit of news that makes it less good!

So all of a sudden Will started feeling like crap, his liver levels went haywire, he was tested for EVERYTHING that makes your liver levels high and came back negative for all of them, and a month later they're back to normal but he's still feeling mostly like crap. And the fatty liver that was caused by the Epstien-Barr? Was not caused by Epstein-Barr. So his levels are back to normal and that's good, but what on earth made him/is making him feel so lousy?



We went to Virginia Beach this weekend for our buddy Eric Jones' engagement party, and that was fun. Even the 9 hours of driving was kind of nice because Will and I got a chance to just hang out and talk for a long time. But we were the LIFE of the party, let me tell you! Neither of us could drink, both of us were exhausted, and we had to duck back to our hotel between the engagement party and the after party to take a couple hour nap. Then we went home at 11. Woooooooooooooooo!

Virginia Beach was nice, and it was neat to have a chance to meet some people who we'll be hanging with when the wedding comes around next year. I'll be the girl who had to pee but didn't want to know where the bathroom was (I thought the guy asked me if I KNEW where the bathroom was, not if I WANTED to know where the bathroom was...who asks that?).

And as a super-special extra bonus to spending hours sitting right next to me, Will got to witness first-hand the craziness that is eating during pregnancy. On the way down to the beach on Saturday it took me over an hour to eat my lunch. I was hungry, but every bite I took made me a little queasy, so I had to take a bite, wait a couple minutes, take a bite, wait a couple minutes. I discussed how much I'd like to keep my pregnancy eating habits while I'm not pregnant, because the queasiness isn't really that bad, it's just THERE, and anything that slows down my eating and makes me stop when I'm full is good. Then on the way back home the next day we didn't stop to eat lunch until we got to Wegmans at 2, where I put away a tray of california rolls, 4 gigantic scallops and 3 gigantic shrimp before Will had even eaten half of his sushi tray, then I wandered off and bought a big box of grilled vegetables (which I ate half of) and finished it off with a fruit bar. Having eaten my weight in food I was finally feeling satisfied, but I was impatient to get home and I suggested to Will that maybe he'd like to finish his food while we shopped. He informed me that he prefers to actually CHEW his food, and he was going to sit right where he was while he was doing it.

So between completely crashing at 9:00PM for the last 4 nights, getting weird dizzy spells, and wildly oscillating between "don't make me look at anything I have decided is unappealing today or I will surely gag" and "is that a leftover cheerio on the floor! GIVE IT TO ME NOW, I'M STARVING!", I think I just might actually be pregnant.

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