Sunday, April 15, 2012

Best burger ever

Sorry I'm a bit late.  Will and I decided to finally watch Slumdog Millionaire Friday night since it's been sitting in its Netflix envelope at our house for probably about a month now.  It took us a long time to get around to it since it is kind of long, we weren't sure if we'd like it all that much and it was on Bluray so we have to watch it downstairs and I can't blog from downstairs.  I'm so glad we did finally see it though because we both really enjoyed it!  Somewhat depressing yes, but a great story and paced well.

Yes, I realize it's pretty useless to post what I think about this movie since everyone else probably watched it  4 years ago, but hey, I don't watch many movies and it's even more rare that I watch one I really like!

Breakfast Friday morning was unattractive but yummy.  The cast iron reacted with the acid in the strawberries I guess and made the oatmeal look kinda gray, and my dash of cinnamon made my coffee look scummy.  Charlotte tried to brighten things up by adding her cup to my layout.

Friday was a Zumba day, but I ended up missing 10 minutes of class to take care of an issue that arose in the daycare bathroom.  Let's just say that Charlotte has some range and the daycare ladies need to learn how to put her on the potty to account for that.  Friday morning Zumba is pretty low-level to begin with, and then with missing 10 minutes of class on top of that I decided to run on the treadmill for a bit after class was over.  I may try to sneak in a 10 minute run after the classes I take whenever I's a nice doable amount of time that blasts a couple extra calories and it's good to at least have a baseline and be used to running so that if I ever decide to take any of my friends up on their offers to run races I wouldn't have TOO far to go to get into shape.  And by "shape" I mean "able to run a 5K and not have to stop to walk or die".
There were enough leftover egg whites this morning to become my snack and I bagged them up nicely...then forgot to bring them with me :-(  So I had to eat a cheese stick for my morning snack instead.  That's a good thing about having kids (and feeding them healthy food), there's usually SOMETHING in my car or cooler that I can snack on even if it's not exactly what I had planned to have.

Oh, and then I still ate the egg whites when I got home.

We were out of greens, so I had some leftover potato salad to tide me over until I could figure out the rest of lunch, and it ended up just being my whole lunch.

Later, a smoothie.

Kale, berries, nonfat plain greek yogurt, 3 drops stevia, vanilla almond milk, ice
Will told me he would grill when he got home, but that meant dinner was going to be a bit late so I had a veggie and hummus snack while putting dinner together.

Then he came home, and grilled as promised.  He hadn't promised to look creepy while doing it though, that was a special bonus thrown in at the last minute.

Oh my God you guys.  I don't know if I've ever had a better dinner.  It was completely delicious, yes, but that was only part of it.  I had been wanting hamburgers for a couple days...throw in some hormones to turn it into a full-blown vicious craving and delay my dinner until close to 7 and I SCARFED this down pausing only to periodically exclaim "THIS IS SOOOOOO GOOD!".  I made myself wait to eat until I could sit down and enjoy it all at once instead of picking at things while I was in the kitchen putting it together and it was so worth it.

Hamburger (grass fed ground beef, onions, sunflower seeds, onions, oats, soy sauce, egg) on homemade half with goat cheese, basil, sauteed mushrooms and sundried tomatoes, one half with ketchup pickles mustard and melted cheddar.  Kale chips and beer on the side.
Dessert awhile later was a couple squares of chocolate.

Then I enjoyed some tea (not chai though!) while watching Slumdog.  It did make me want a cup of chai though!

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