Sunday, April 15, 2012


Saturday was lovely.  There was nice weather, and I had fun activities planned!  I had Saturday morning breakfast using my hamburger rolls instead of an English muffin.

My morning was consumed with errands, and I never got a chance to eat a snack.  I did make a nice salad though, which I ate on the way to City Magnolia Spa in Urbana for my friend Carolyn's sprinkle!  My friend Kim was nice enough to drive so that I could eat.

The (second-time) mama-to-be!

We had such a nice afternoon!  The spa gave us the run of the relaxation room and the hosts set up snacks, sandwiches, drinks and even adorable mini desserts.  I was good though, and stuck only to my salad for lunch and snacked on a couple strawberries and grapes.  I DID however enjoy a mimosa and an additional cup of champagne.  If there's anything that makes spending time at a spa even better it's having champagne to sip while you do it!

 I didn't take a picture, but as the day went on I snacked on an apple, 12 tamari almonds and a mini-brie I had brought with me.  I had a great time chatting with the other guests and celebrating Carolyn :-)  Oh, and I came home with my toes looking pretty nice too!

I also came home to a wonderful husband who had been solely responsible for the girls all day AND had this delicious dinner ready for me!

Grilled cod, carrots, and couscous salad with soy sauce/sesame oil/cashews and grilled jalapeños
 Enjoyed with some beer.

Sam Adams Kolsh
 Then we spent some time outside.  The azaleas are blooming and the daffodils are up!

I had some dessert to reward myself for my restraint at the sprinkle today.

And then of course I kept grazing.  I had another beer and many other snacks without taking pictures :-(  Weekends + surviving events without giving into food temptation = eating way too much later on.  Usually if I eat sweets at a party I lose control and keep eating things I shouldn't so I've found it's best to just ignore them.  But lately even when I've made it through the event itself I still seem to want to eat to congratulate myself for making it through.  Ugh.

On the plus side, at my "official" weigh-in this morning I was in my new decade!  I was there JUUUUUST barely thanks to the hormones I mentioned yesterday, but it counted!  So yeah, of course I had to go and eat more than I should tonight.  With my sister's wedding coming up this week and all the dinners out and cake that a wedding entails, I hope I am still in my new decade by next week's weigh-in!

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