Monday, April 2, 2012


You know, I remember a time (basically my whole life up until December 2011) when I used to be fairly healthy.  I'd get a cold once or twice a year, but that was about it.  Will was the same way (until he got his wasting disease and broke his back), and when we had our kids we couldn't believe how healthy THEY were.  Emily's nose runs pretty much constantly, but when it came to the common childhood ailments of stomach flus and ear infections and really killer colds it seemed like our kids were pretty lucky.

Boy do I wish I could go back to that time.

I really am SO grateful that none of us has anything serious wrong with them, but UGH, can we PLEASE get a week or two where all of us are healthy?  We've had one extremely sick winter, but now it's spring and I'd like us all to stop feeling like crap.

Ok, enough whining.

Will and I woke up this morning feeling awful, so he called in sick and I just did quick and easy cereal for breakfast.  

2 Barbara's Bakery Shredded Wheat biscuits, walnuts, banana, xylitol, cinnamon, milk
 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, I had 1 bite of a morel mushroom!

I gave Will the bigger half
 It was definitely yummy.  Meaty but delicate, and it sucked up the flavoring well (I cooked it in salt and a tiny bit of Earth Balance).  I was a bit surprised at the fact that it didn't seem to have much flavor by itself considering how ga-ga people go over them, but it was pleasant and mild and I would definitely eat one again if it crosses my path.

So with YET ANOTHER day stuck at home being sick stretching out in front of me, I started out today trying to be involved with the girls.  I realized I hadn't used the busy bags I got from some other mommies in a busy bag swap a couple months ago, so I pulled those out and the girls and I played with those for a bit.

I was shirts, they were skins
Then, while the girls were having a crazy dance party in the front room I made a snap decision that today would be the day I sold my cloth diapers.  They are taking up WAY too much space in my house for something that I haven't used in years and never intend to use again.  I tried awhile ago to sell them but didn't get much interest...the recession, I guess.  I have been putting off selling them because it involves lots of taking and uploading pictures, responding to questions, taking more pictures, packing and weighing things and taking it to the post office.  But since Will was home (albeit sick) and I was home I decided that's what I'd do today.

I had an egg snack to power me up,

then I got moving.  And that's basically what I did for the whole rest of the day.  Ugh.  But at least I got interest this time, and my Paypal account is now richer for my efforts.

Along the way I had a lunch salad.

Greens, cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, cucumbers, chickpeas, 7/8 oz Gorgonzola (I'm cutting back!), 1 tsp olive oil, orange champagne vinegar

And a grapefruit.

Sliced out of the peel breakfast-style
 And that was it until dinner because I was too busy and distracted to make my normal smoothie snack.  Will said he would chill on the couch and watch Scooby-Doo with the girls for awhile, and then our TV (which has been limping along for awhile) finally decided to die.  Great timing, TV.

Dinner was Mulligatawny Soup, recipe from this month's Clean Eating Magazine.

I had one bowl...
...then one more smaller bowl
I had never even heard of Mulligatawny Soup until the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfield, and I still didn't even know what was in it until this month when I got my magazine.  It's a shame too, because this soup was delicious AND fairly popular with the girls despite being a tiny bit spicy so I wish this had come into my life sooner!  It had brown basmati rice, leeks, onions, chicken, apples, curry, light coconut milk, and cilantro.  Yum.

I decided to have my snack smoothie as a dessert instead today.  Here's my GREEN-nut butter banana smoothie!  Ha!

Later, when I really wanted chocolate or my favorite dessert mix I had a pear instead because I've been feeling puffy since I haven't been exercising the past few days.

Almost as good...if I lie to myself

Goodnight everyone.  Hopefully tomorrow will be the day I wake up and say "Wow, I feel at least a little better than I did yesterday morning!"

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