Monday, April 9, 2012

Lecherous devil rabbit

I slept like the dead last night straight through until our Emily alarm clock went off (came in) at 7 this morning, but upon waking I still felt like death.  I was exhausted, my sinuses HURT and my nose and throat were all clogged up.  Ick.  Being awake for a bit and getting some coffee straightened me out though.

Will put together strawberry blueberry oats this morning using the kinda tart berries we need to use up in the fridge.  I added some xylitol to counteract the tartness (usually I don't like my oats super-sweet but these needed SOMETHING) and I doused it with cinnamon because I suspected I felt gross because of allergies and being out in nature all day yesterday.

As I was cleaning up breakfast and noting that the girls had sucked the yolks out of their fried eggs but left the whites behind as usual it dawned on me that I should just finish their leftovers as my morning snack.  That way I get the protein but very little fat, I don't have to put forth the effort to cook my own egg, we will go through fewer eggs in the long run and it finishes up leftovers.  Remy would prefer I gave them to him though.

I've cut back my breakfast now from oats with flax and nuts and all sorts of other sprinkles + an egg + a cheese snack in the morning to plain fruit oats + an egg white morning snack.  That saves me about 108 calories just on the cheese and egg. Baby steps.

I was excited to get back to Elizabeth's Bodypump class today AND to be able to stay the whole time.  I was also psyched because Mom said that on Thursday it was very sparsely attended due to people being with their kids on Spring Break.  Yeah, today it was SLAMMED.  Luckily Mom got me a bench and a bar because there were not enough to go around.  As it was I had to do some funky stuff with my weights, like have 2 5 lb weights on one side and a 10 lb weight on the other side for the tricep track and use dumbells for bicep curls.  It was a good class though.

After a quick stop by MOMs on the way home, I made myself a lunch salad.  I definitely didn't save myself any calories here, but I had an avocado and some cheese I needed to use up.  I also have a tiny bag of crushed pecans I found in my snack cabinet that I just want to get rid of because it annoys me to have just 4 Tbsp of nuts sitting in there.  I threw in a ton of parsley though, since parsley is cleansing, at least according to the documentary I watched last week.

Greens, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, parsley, pecans, ricotta salata, 1/4 avocado, a couple slices of tofu, orange champagne vinegar and hummus
 I spent most of the morning and afternoon trying to find homes for the new stuff Easter brought us, and finally organizing the girls' art cabinet.  Of course there was much art created by the girls in the process.  There was SO much stuff I had just thrown in the cabinet to pull out for a rainy day and then forgotten about completely so it was fun for me and for them to rediscover everything.  I don't know what has gotten into me with all this organization, but I hope it lasts because there are still quite a few areas of my house that are in desperate need of some help.

Snack time:

I was excited about dinner.  I did what I always do when I have leftover lamb, which is to make this knock-off of Lebanese Taverna's lamb fatteh platter.  My lamb was especially well-suited to this dish, having been flavored with pistachios and mint.  I added swiss chard and tomatoes too because I could.

Whole wheat couscous mixed with sauteed swiss chard, chickpeas, toasted pine nuts, lamb chunks, tomatoes, parsley, yogurt mixed with salt and garlic powder, lemon juice and crumbled multigrain pita chips
This is SOOOOO good, even when I use nonfat yogurt instead of the insanely delicious (and super-fattening) labneh they use there.  This was one big honkin' bowl of food though, so even though I wanted to plow through it until my stomach was stretched well beyond normal capacity I saved some for later in the evening.  Hopefully that'll keep me from consuming anything else with calories in it before bed.

And now, for something completely different.

Remember the Easter piƱata?  Of course you do, I just posted about it earlier today.  Well, I really didn't want to fill it with candy, nor did I want to fill it with stupid little junky toys that will all end up under my couch with the dog fur, so I had to be creative about what I put in there.  I ended up with some little bracelets, stick-on earrings, water beads (I'm still iffy on how safe these are chemically, but they just look like so much fun), a couple lights designed to be played with in the bathtub, some soft headbands, markers that draw on windows and then crystallize and a bunch of other stuff, plus temporary tattoos.  When I got home I went to cut the temporary tattoos into smaller pieces because they were all on big sheets, and I was kinda horrified at what I saw once I opened the package.

Ok he's....kinda creepy with those red eyes.  Buy maybe he's just an albino rabbit. 

One who seems to be saying that soon he will be spilling your blood onto the floor, just as he is spilling the paint from this egg.

Ok WTF.  Even the chicks and the adjacent rabbit are shocked and appalled.

Also there are some tramp stamps
I am SO not tattooing that lecherous devil rabbit anywhere on my innocent daughters' skin.  I'm sure he'd come alive at night and try to convince them to do his evil bidding.  I'm pretty sure there was an X-Files episode about a haunted tattoo once so there's even precedent for that. 


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