Thursday, April 19, 2012

Here we go

Here is what I ate yesterday...some of the pictures are repeat footage because I forgot to snap a picture of a couple things I ate.  I don't know if I'll be able to post tonight (I'll be spending the night at my mom's house with the rest of the bridesmaids and the bride!) or tomorrow (wedding time!) or even Saturday (we're hosting a get-together, then going out to eat and hang out in downtown Frederick with visiting family) but Sunday I hope to post a recap.  After I attend my great-grandmother's 97th birthday party.  I'm exhausted just thinking about everything that's about to happen.

Nature's Path juice-sweetened millet rice flakes, pistachios, strawberries, skim milk

My snack while running errands was leftover egg whites.

Picture of egg whites from a couple days ago
Lunch = salad
Greens, sprouts, avocado, pine nuts, roasted yellow pepper, olives, tomatoes, a bit of leftover lemon tahini dressing, hummus
 A bit later I finished off the rest of the dinner leftovers.

Dinner leftoveres
 My usual early afternoon "snack"

Chai tea latte

The afternoon went by quickly, filled with cleaning and playing ponies with Emily.  Right before I left for Bodypump I figured I'd better have a handful of almonds so I didn't collapse from hunger in the middle of class.

A handful of almonds that looked much like this one
 I took Lauren's Bodypump class, which was great.  At the beginning of the shoulder track I thought to myself  "This is my last workout before I have to wear my bridesmaid dress that exposes my back, I should've tried to go up in weight!"  Then halfway through the shoulder track I realized that since the weights at the new gym are so old and the labels have worn off them I had, in fact gone up in weight.  I was holding 8's instead of the 5's I had gone over to get!  I made it through just barely, and hopefully my back and shoulders will look slightly better for it :-)

When I got home, Will had this delicious plate of food prepared AND photographed for me!

Bourbon-glazed grilled pork chops, sauteed kale, sweet potato fries

Second helping of kale and sweet potato fries
 And I think that was it for yesterday.  Except that I have to show you how Emily had me do her hair for school today.

If 2 ponytails is good, 3 is even better, right?

Signing off for awhile, I'll update when I can!

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