Monday, April 9, 2012

The rest of Saturday

So, right after we left off, I ate a pear.

Then we set off for The Farm.  We made a quick stop by Wegmans on the way to get some dinner.

Brown rice spicy tuna rolls, 2 pieces each tuna and salmon sashimi, seared spiced tuna
 Something was missing from my plate though.  Ah yes!  Vegetables.  Luckily I had hit the hot veggie bar too.

 After dinner we set out on a walk down to the creek to throw rocks in the water, which is what the girls would do the entire time we're at The Farm if they could.

The little photographer
 We spent some time by the creek,

then we came back up to the house to dye eggs.  Will and I split a Flying Dog Underdog.

Egg-dyeing is kinda ridiculous when you have little kids.  Emily dumped blue dye all over herself the first year we dyed eggs with her, and really how can you expect young kids to be #1 gentle enough not to break the eggs while handling them  #2 restrained enough to keep their hands out of the pretty-colored dye and off the pretty already-dyed eggs and #3 patient enough to wait until the eggs are finished being dyed to pull them out #4 dexterous enough to use those little wire ladles to get the eggs out without dumping the dye everywhere.  You can't.  So it's basically just trying to control chaos as best you can until the whole thing is over.  We made it through without too much incident but we had to hover inches from the girls while constantly reminding them of the "rules" and it was quite stressful!

After we put the girls to bed in the same room (and Charlotte in a big girl bed!) we came back out to be the Easter Bunny.  Another half beer was consumed along the way.

I tried my best to make the girls' baskets healthy-ish while still including candy since Emily is old enough now to expect it.  They had Annies 100% fruit bites, naturally-flavored honey straws, Divine dark chocolate bunnies and Yummy Earth jelly beans plus a couple little presents.  The eggs we hid were filled with grain-sweetened chocolate and carob covered raisins (plus a couple were filled with chocolate-covered cacao nibs).

I tried 4 jellybeans and 1 carob-covered raisin along the way.

Since Will had brought the raisins and the chocolate chips up to The Farm I made myself my dessert mix (despite deciding that having dessert is stalling my weight loss).  First I added raw peanuts since that was the only kind of peanut we could find up there.  Then we found dry roasted peanuts so I picked out the raw peanuts and dumped in the dry-roasted instead.  Then I realized the dry-roasted peanuts were rancid, so I picked THOSE out and went back to the raw peanuts.  Oy.

I'll report on Easter in a separate post because I have so many pictures!

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