Sunday, April 15, 2012

Zombie TV

I started out today with the best of intentions.  I had a pretty typical breakfast for me.

Shredded wheat squares & etc.
 Then I started straightening and baking.  I pulled out the water beads the Easter bunny brought and let the girls go to town with them.  I was slightly worried that they'd try to eat them or dump them everywhere but they were very good with them and I think Will and I like playing with them almost as much as the girls do!

Then I kinda just stopped taking pictures of my food and snacked a lot.  I didn't have a formal lunch though, and I'm trying to tell myself that it's ok to take a day off every now and then so that I don't start feeling TOO down on myself.  As usual I didn't eat anything unhealthy, I just ate too much of some of the healthy things we had available.  Moving on, tomorrow is another day, etc.

We are getting so close to my sister's wedding (It's this Friday!) so I'm trying to get as many things as possible figured out and prepared ahead of time.  Today I decided to try out a hairdo I have been thinking of on Emily to see if it would be #1 easy enough and #2 formal enough to be a flower girl hairstyle.  When I do it for the actual wedding I'll use hairspray and make it tighter, but this is the general idea. What do you think?

Then we had a double playdate.  Our friend Lyle brought over his daughter Sam (who is 4 months older than Emily), and our friend Carolyn brought over her daughter Abigail (who happens to be 4 months younger than Charlotte).  Lots of girls! 

My pictures didn't really turn out (my stinkin' broken lens makes it really hard to focus!) but here are a couple anyway.


Playing with the water beads

The younger side of the table

Oh, AND while Lyle and Will were messing with the TV, they were able to fix it!  Or at least make it work again.  Will still doesn't even know what was officially wrong with it (I think it was an HDMIcablevideocardDVIportbulb1080Pconnection or something) but we are now able to watch Netflix and videos from the computer (which is 90% of what we watch) without me having to give up the computer monitor.  And this will give us time to get the mantle finished and the correct TV for our setup selected so that we can replace our old TV right away once it breaks for good.  Which may be never because we've given it up for lost before and it always seems to come back from the dead.

And speaking of zombies, Emily and Sam got to see a pretty horrific clip of Walking Dead while the TV was being fixed.  It's a good thing, I guess, to leave an impression on your guests after you host a get-together, but I usually try to avoid leaving one that will haunt their dreams for the rest of their lives.

I consumed this beer today, which Will poured and photographed for me.

Plus many of these!  I asked Emily if she wanted me to make anything in particular for everyone to eat at the playdate and she requested chocolate chip cookies and "raspberry muffins".  So I made these guys.  They were peanut free and dairy free to accommodate guests' allergies.

And now it's time to go to bed, put my excessive eating to rest, and get back to focusing on eating mindfully!

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