Monday, January 9, 2012

Chipotle and Beer!

After posting my Sunday food, I ended up talking to another person (my cousin) who has become a vegan after watching Forks Over Knives.  Craziness!

I ended up having a dairy-free breakfast myself, but it was mostly because we ran out of milk and not because I was consciously trying to cut animal products out of my diet :-)  I guess the presence of my morning egg kind of confirms that.

Banana mango oatmeal cooked in 1/2 light coconut milk 1/2 water, 1 fried egg with Valentina's hot sauce, cup 'o decaf green
For some reason I got kinda full halfway through my oatmeal so I brought it along with me in the car and it served as my morning snack too.  It was MUCH better cold, like a rice pudding!  

I was dumb today and took Bodypump even though I was INCREDIBLY sore from lifting yesterday.  I am really suffering now, my rotator cuffs especially are in pretty bad shape.  I hit M.O.M. on the way home (and the girls behaved like absolute animals), then fixed myself some lunch.
1/2 of this

Greens, orange bell pepper, broccoli, broccoli sprouts, radishes, 1 oz blue cheese,  a couple scoops of carrot slaw,  1 tsp olive oil and truffle balsamic glaze
I wanted to keep things light because we were going out for dinner, so my snack was:
1/2 cup cottage cheese sprinkled with random herbs that were still alive in my garden, cucumber and zevia
I made mac and cheese with ham and peas for the girls for dinner and didn't taste a single bite because mac and cheese is SUCH a trigger food for me.  I can eat a whole pot if I get started, so I just didn't get started. Unfortunately, because I didn't test them I didn't realize the noodles were undercooked until Will came home and sampled them.  In the meantime I had fed them to the girls and to my sister-in-law who had come over to help watch the girls.  Oops.  Sorry Tina.  

Then Will and I headed out to...CHIPOTLE!
Extra lettuce, chicken, fajita veggies, tomato salsa, corn salsa and a bit of brown rice
We used to eat at Chipotle several times a week in college (I think pretty much everyone in College Park did) but it has been off our menu until I realized a couple weeks ago that they have brown rice!  This salad was about 1/3 of the points of a burrito but it took me just about as long to eat and was still super-yummy.

We met Lauren and Greg for dinner, then headed over to Frederick Wine House.  Will and Greg are members of their beer club, and for the first meeting they were allowed to bring guests.
Grown-up version of a candy store

Guy pouring beers

My cracker and my "second class citizen" cup
The members were given nice glasses to take home, and guests were given tiny orange jell-o shot cups.  I didn't really mind except for the fact that we were supposed to be sniffing, swirling and observing our beers. Due to my cup I couldn't swirl, and all of my beers looked orange.  The cracker Lauren handed back to me was yummy though...kind of a combination between a whole wheat graham cracker and a regular cracker.  They were tasting Belgian-style beers, which made me very happy because that's one of my favorite styles.  A good meeting to be invited to, in my opinion!  In Will's, not so much since he likes super hoppy (bitter!) beers.

We tasted 8 beers, and near the beginning my samples were probably around 1 oz but the pours got tinier (and the alcohol content got higher) as the night went on so I have no idea how much beer I had.  6-7oz maybe?  Weight Watchers SUCKS for figuring out the points for real beer (i.e. not miller lite or budweiser) so who even knows how many points it was.

I'll tell you what I WANTED to spend points on though (but didn't)...
Oh my
The blue ones looked like paintballs, which always look tasty to me anyway.
So pretty!

Want to eat...
I don't know why they have a chocolate case in the beer and wine store (except maybe to torture me?) but I only looked with my eyes.

And that was it!  I felt like I didn't eat much today, but between dinner and the beer I had no trouble meeting my daily point allotment.

Tomorrow is my (at home) weigh-in since I started really paying attention to what I was eating last Tuesday, we'll see if it is all paying off!

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