Monday, January 16, 2012

Dinner with friends

I don't know about you, but I'm getting kind of sick of looking at bowls of oatmeal here on my blog.  So inspired partially by that and partially by my husband who has been clearing out the clutter in our house and organizing closets (isn't he amazing?) I decided to attempt to clear out the pantry.  We have SO many bags that  have about 1/4 cup of some random flour or grain laying around (I've even had to call Common Market before and ask what a particular code means because I have no idea what is in the bulk bag I'm holding) so I'm trying to branch out for breakfast, at least until I get rid of all the random things I never eat from the pantry.

First up was a mostly finished bag of Bob's Red Mill 10 grain cereal.

10 grain cereal cooked in water with bananas, sprinkled with walnuts and cinnamon plus decaf green
We were unfortunately out of eggs this morning, but that's ok because we ended up having an egg with dinner.  I try to keep it to 1 egg a day so it worked out well.

Today the girls actually slept in by an extra hour (!) so laziness won out and we just stayed at home until lunchtime.  I really wanted some fizz but we were out of everything fizzy so I tried to make some with my soda stream carbonator.  It was almost empty so I was only able to make half-carbonated water.  
cheese and lame bubbles
At lunchtime we headed over to my mom's house for a planning meeting for Krista's upcoming wedding.  I brought along my regular boring old salad.
Greens, yellow bell pepper, broccoli sprouts, leftover lentil soup, pumpkin seeds, blue cheese, 1 tsp olive oil, balsamic
 I ended up being very hungry while I was there (I guess it's habit...I did quite a lot of over-eating while I lived there!)

The famous "Dibby almonds", tamari almonds my dad makes and my daughters eat by the pound
Apple pie smoothie I brought sauce, greek yogurt, ice and 6 almonds

The girls were too busy having fun to eat much, as usual.

Apparently the "Burger King" fries were no longer acceptable as leftovers
 We got home just as Will's parents were arriving to watch the girls for us while we went to dinner at Brad and Kim's house.
Heather and Eddie
I enjoyed some Little Penguin chardonnay before dinner
Do the countertops look familiar?
 Will enjoyed the Songify app

The entertainment for the evening...watching Kim crack eggs into the soup.

steamed broccoli and cauliflower with cheast sauce, North African vegetable stew with poached egg
a glass of Little Penguin Shiraz with dinner
 The soup was quite yummy, I'm a fan of anything with a poached egg on top!  And everyone seemed to enjoy the cheast sauce, which surprised me.  I've been meaning to make it for a long time and I was a bit nervous since a dinner party is not really the time to try out a strange new recipe but it was eaten by all.  I will definitely make it again, it's one of the best ways I've come across to ingest nutritional yeast (which is über healthy but kinda funky-tasting).

Dessert was these yummy morning glory muffins Kim made:

Very carrot cake-y
My muffin
 After a pleasant evening, we returned home to find our children put to bed and this on the refrigerator:
Either Emily has increased her vocabulary and learned to spell or my in-laws are goofballs
 And just when I was starting to feel sad that I had forgotten to order oranges, my Mother-in-law brought us a case!  I enjoyed one as an evening snack:
Orange blossom
Now it's time for bed and I can't think of a clever way to end my post, so I'll just say SEX MUNKY FUDGE HOBINR< and goodnight!


Lauren said...

That dinner looks awesome!!! Isn't it wonderful to have other friend that enjoy good, healthy food? :)
And the apple pie smoothie sounds divine!

Anonymous said...

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