Saturday, January 14, 2012

The rest of the day

It's Saturday!  You know what that means.

Saturday breakfast: 1/2 Ezekiel english muffin, 1 Tbsp peanut butter, baked sliced apples, 1 oz ham and 3/4 oz  Cabot 50% light cheese, scrambled (and "jerked") egg + egg white on the side.
 I had a mug of green tea this morning (with caffeine!) that took me hours to drink and I STILL never remembered to snap a picture of it.  Oh well.  You all know what a mug of green tea looks like, I'm sure.

My party eats:
About 1/2 cup fruit salad, a couple veggies and an impaled penguin
 Also this...which is NOT a urine sample, but a cup of white wine.
about 4oz of The Little Penguin Chardonnay
 Aaaaaand that was it.  I don't know where all this super-human willpower is coming from (perhaps I've finally figured out a way to subconsciously tap into Will's?) but I didn't eat a BITE of cake, cupcakes, icing, cream cheese, PB&J or anything naughty while I was making it OR at the party.  I had been kind of dreading this whole thing because once I start baking I start tasting and then by the evening I have ingested the equivalent of 3 pieces of cake and I feel awful.  So I had Will do all my tasting for me and I just never took that first bite that I knew would lead down the road to overeating.  The toughest part was serving food to my guests that I hadn't tried myself!  Everyone seemed happy enough though.

Writing it all out it looks like I'm being overly restrictive, but I honestly don't mind missing out on the cake right now because I seem to have gotten to a good place in my head. I plan to take advantage of it because I know it can't last forever!  Soon enough I will end up filled with self-pity over all the things I "can't" have and munching all day on anything that doesn't move so I intend to stave that off for as long as possible by eating clean.

After the party, I wanted my usual salad, so I threw one together and ate most of it before remembering to snap a picture.
Greens, broccoli, broccoli sprouts, orange bell pepper, 1 oz blue cheese, 1 tsp olive oil, balsamic
Then I also had rooibos tea in a coffee mug.
This hand is actually Emily's, not Charlotte's, and she sprinkled fake snow into my drink  while I was turning off my camera.
We spent the rest of the day pretty much lying around and relaxing.
Mug shot of my KeVita
 Dinner was leftovers...
1 cup lentil soup
...and then a couple hours later I was hungry again so I had a second serving with some wine for good measure.
1 cup lentil soup, 4 oz The Little Penguin Shiraz in front of Charlotte's pile 'o penguins
Then Will and I watched The Hangover II, and now it's time for bed!  Let's hope we can sleep in a bit tomorrow.

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