Monday, February 20, 2012

Bedford, day 1

I'm back!  I apologize, but I REALLY don't like blogging on my phone so until I get some sort of travel-friendly device that has a card reader I'm afraid I can't really blog from the road.  
But I'm here now, with a boatload of pictures!
Let's start with the most exciting one (kidding), breakfast on Sunday.
2 Barbara's Bakery shredded wheat biscuits, hazlenuts, bananas, cinnamon, erythritol
 I also had a scrambled egg, but for the life of me I can't find a picture anywhere.  I guess I didn't take one :-(

As soon as I finished breakfast I went to the gym for Patty's step class, then ate a Babybel light cheese wheel as I headed on to my mom's house where we all gathered to carpool up to Bedford Springs!

The scenery is very nice along the way as you travel through the mountains of western Maryland, then western Pennsylvania.  

Crappy through-the-window shot of Seidling Hill
My turkey whole wheat mayo sandwich packed for me by my Mommy
After about an hour and a half, we arrived.

Bedford Springs 
The hotel is LOOOONG and very old-fashioned looking.  It's positioned in a very narrow valley that is quite pretty but it seems like a strange place to put a big hotel.  I would've chosen the top of a hill, myself!

My 2 clementine snack, on the counter in the lobby
 We couldn't check in yet when we arrived, so we wandered down the many LOOOONG hallways and got re-acquainted with the place.

The snackbar, my namesake

At 1:30 we headed to the spa.  Bedford Springs does, actually, have springs, and they pipe the water into the spa for the baths and the treatments.  We spent some time doing the routine they recommend, which includes body scrub, hot tubs and cold plunge pools and steam rooms.

Once we finished all the preparatory steps, we went into the relaxation room.  I was STARVING by this point, but the cups they provided were too small to hold the strawberries!  It wasn't until later that I noticed there were plates too :-(

My pre-massage snack

Then we were all called back for our massages/treatments.

Relaxing :-)
 I told my masseuse that I like firm pressure, and he did a great job!  I left feeling relaxed but like he had definitely managed to loosen some knots!  The only issue was that I was worried my stomach would let out a deafening growl!

Once I returned to the relaxation room I found some protein.

Trail mix snack

Blooming tea!
 Once we were properly relaxed we showered and found our room.  Before long Mom had popped open the sparkling rosé.

1 cup
2nd cup

Pre-dinner snack (told you I was hungry!)
 Krista opened some presents, then we got dressed and headed down to dinner.

My heels made me taller than Kathleen!
First I went for a salad.

Greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, brussels sprouts, house-smoked salmon, 3 bites of local cheeses with vinegarette dressing.  The little martini glass had DELICIOUS (and not creamy) crab salad.  Plus a diet coke to keep me awake.
 We were wearing our bachelorette finery, and a gentleman from the table next to us bought us a bottle of champagne!  He even let us pick it out ourselves (which was trusting...there were $200-$300 bottles on that list!).

My champagne (I had 2 glasses I think?)

Then I went back up for dinner.

Another glass of crab salad, some steamed (and unfortunately buttered) veggies, 1 shrimp picked out of a pasta dish, beef tenderloin with mushrooms, pork loin with cabbage
 There really wasn't anything Sara-friendly for dessert.  I was hoping for some fresh fruit that I could maybe put a bit of whipped cream on.  Then I realized that if I planned to allow myself the whipped cream on fruit, why not without fruit?  (I was buzzing pretty hard, it made sense at the time).  I served myself some whipped cream sprinkled with granola and got ANOTHER glass of crab salad.  The whipped cream was really heavy though and not very sweet at all so I didn't eat all of it.  Instead I had 2 small bites of my mom's raspberry creme brulee.
Then Krista had me try a tiny bit of the frosting from her cupcake so that I could confirm it was really weird. It was.  Also not sweet at all, and it felt like clotted cream in my mouth...greasy and slippery.  Blech.

The rest of the trip I think I'll leave 'till tomorrow because despite being away from the girls I still didn't sleep very well last night!  I'm craving sleep, so I'll pick up where I left off later.  Goodnight!

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