Friday, February 17, 2012

More haircuts

Everyone at Casa de Randall decided to have cereal for breakfast this morning, so I followed suit.  I wanted a little extra protein though since my shredded wheat has worn out of me mid-exercise before so I added some pecans.  That seemed to do the trick because my breakfast carried me through Zumba with no problem!

2 Barbara's Bakery Shredded Wheat Biscuits, banana, skim milk, 2 pecans, sprinkle of cinnamon
Scrambled egg with salsa
Our most interesting activity today was taking Charlotte to get her first haircut!  Her hair is so crazy and it had separated into a bunch of different layers.  I saw a little girl at Disney World with hair just like Charlotte's who had it shorter and it looked really nice so we went for it.  We took her to the guy Will has gone to for decades; the same place we took Emily for her first haircut. Despite repeatedly asking me WHY she had to get her hair cut, Charlotte really seemed to enjoy herself!

He brushed it out straight when he was done so I am looking forward to seeing how it looks when it's curly like normal.  Emily hovered nearby closely watching Charlotte, then turned to me and said "I thought that when he cut her hair it would hurt her?"  That actually creeped me out a bit because Emily had been very much looking forward to seeing Charlotte get her hair cut!  Weird girl.

As we were leaving, I spotted a blank white wall that I thought would make a nice backdrop for a picture of the girls so I had them pose.  I pretty much love every one of these pictures for different  reasons.

Will was in attendance for this momentous occasion as well, so I had him snap this picture of me while I was out in the sun so you could see my highlights.  They're quite subtle, so unless you know me you probably can't even see the difference but I feel like it makes my hair more interesting.

 I was in dire straits when it came to cheese selection today, so I ended up just having to grate some Cabot on my lunch salad.  It worked though, this creation was pretty tasty.

Greens, brococli, green bell pepepr, sundried tomatoes, grated Cabot 50% light cheddar, 1/2 oz pumpkin seeds,  balsamic vinegar, 1 tsp olive oil, some italian seasoning
 I must've been craving cinnamon today because I ended up throwing it on everything.

Apple with PB and cinnamon
 I've had a spaghetti squash sitting on my counter for over a week now so I decided tonight was it's big night.
Spaghetti squash, ground beef and vegetable-augmented tomato sauce, more grated Cabot on top
I love that with spaghetti squash I can have as big a bowl as I WANT to have with regular pasta but then I can still have bread on the side.  I grew up always having bread with dinner on spaghetti nights and it wasn't until the last 10 years or so that I've realized how redundant that is carb-wise.  I was happy to toast up some of my Great Harvest bread and call it a side dish tonight!

A slice of "Whole Grain Goodness"

 Later in the evening I got hungry again so I had another couple bites of the meat sauce... my usual dessert.
Repeat footage because I am boring and predictable.  Also lazy.
I also decided to have a beer.

That's one red stout

This was actually a homebrew made by my Dad.  It wasn't fantastic (sorry Dad).  He has made some wonderful beers over the years, but unfortunately this wasn't one of them.

Now I'm in a dangerous place because Will is at a concert  (TMBG!  We went to quite a few of those together back in high school and college and I'd be there tonight too but we couldn't find a sitter :-( ) so I am at home alone with the whole evening before me and an unusable but (still delicious) failed experiment sitting in my kitchen begging my to bury my face in it.  If I am not strict with myself I'm sure I'll do just that.  I have to be a bit vague about it because it has to do with my sister's birthday and she reads my blog.  Anyway, I should just go to bed to get myself away from the temptation but I really need to clean up for the playdate we're hosting tomorrow.  So instead I'm sitting here drinking beer and pretty much guaranteeing that I'll lose my resolve and end up in the kitchen.  I'm writing all this down so that I am held accountable...hopefully the pressure of having to report in tomorrow will keep me virtuous even if nothing else does!

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