Sunday, February 5, 2012

Late but healthy

Sorry I'm late posting this!  I just ran out of time last night.


Fried egg with salsa, 3/4 cup leftover coconut millet with chopped dates, chopped oranges, cinnamon, cardamom, a splash of almond milk to re-moisten it, and 6 chopped almonds.  Also coffee and a pachycephalosaurus.

The millet bowl was a bit too much, so I took the rest of it with me in the car to the gym and after Bodypump (I finally made it all the way through release 80!) I had it as a snack.  Then, since I was feeling healthy and since I hadn't had a separate snack I got a juice while I was shopping at Common Market.

Kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, beet apple juice
While I was there I saw miso soup with wakame and tofu on the soup bar and really wanted to get some, but then I thought about the poor tub of miso paste I have sitting in the back of my fridge and decided to pick up the stuff to make my own at home.  I also found a neat-o packet of dehydrated seaweed for a seaweed salad.  Will and the girls LOVE seaweed salad, but it's almost always filled with green dye so this stuff was really neat AND I got to make my own dressing for it.  I intended to use it later, but Will was excited about it when I brought it home so we just went ahead and made a whole Japanese-themed lunch.

Miso paste in hot water with chopped tofu and seaweed, seaweed salad with apples, cilantro and sesame seeds plus homemade sesame ginger garlic soy etc. dressing
 Unfortunately, this was not as delicious as I had hoped.  The seaweed in my soup was a little tough, and I really don't like seaweed salad (too slimy!), even if I make it myself it turns out.  But I ate it all, because it was healthy.

Afterward my husband chopped up some mango for me:

 And since lunch was pretty light I had a snack about an hour later.

1 oz Trader Joes blueberry vanilla chevre

 As we moved towards the evening, it started to snow so we went out to play for a bit.

Catching snowflakes

We're finally getting a bit of snow!
 The adults enjoyed Flying Dog Black Cherry Lager on the porch while we watched the kids play

Dinner was a recipe from Skinnytaste for Beef Potato and Quinoa soup.  It reminded us of Peru, and was very nice on a cold snowy day.

While we were in Disney, we saw everyone eating Dole Whips.  They looked delicious, but we abstained partly because they are not especially healthy and partly because we had pineapple soft serve at the Dole plantation in Hawaii because everyone talked about how AMAZING it was and we were not all that impressed.

Enter Mama Pea's copycat recipe:

We added bananas too to make it creamier
Yum!  And so much better for you than the ones at Disney.

Then Will and I finished watching The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (actually kind of boring...not Morgan Spurlock's best work) and went to bed.  We're still getting nightly wakeup calls from Emily for a variety of reasons so we're still in a post-vacation fog of tiredness.

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