Friday, February 24, 2012

San Antonio

When I stepped on the scale this morning I nearly fell over, and it was not because I am incredibly sore from my double classes yesterday.  I am apparently down 4.2 pounds from last Saturday.  Stinking horomones.  Glad I'm through the puffy phase for the month!

At 8 this morning Gemmy arrived at our house and we said goodbye to our girls and headed to the airport. Let me just say, if you are flying Southwest out of BWI you MUST use the super-secret downstairs security screening area. There was zero line AND once I arrived in San Antonio I realized I had a bottle of sunscreen and a bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse (but not in my ziplock!) that they didn't hassle me about. It was hands-down the best security experience I've ever had.

The flight was good, the lady sitting next to me was the perfect seat mate. She was interesting and chatty but also willing to listen, then she shut up for the flight so Will and I could watch the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie on his iPad.

After a really strange taxi ride we got to the rental car place and were given our pimp car (I'll post a pic later once I remember to take one).Then we were finally loose in San Antonio! We checked into our neato B&B, then spent the rest of the day exploring the Alamo, the riverwalk, and Boudros restaurant. There are lots of awesome restaurants and bars here, but I'm thinking 1 night is the perfect amount of time to spend downtown :-)

I'm not sure if this will publish or not, or what it will look like if it does, but I took pictures of everything I ate today, except for the glass of wine I had at our B&B's happy hour (my plan for blogging on the go was ruined by the B&B's crappy wifi). Once I get a chance I might go back and try to explain the pictures a bit but for now (blogging while drunk in a pub that has free wifi) this is the best I can do!

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