Monday, February 6, 2012

Round 3

Last night, in a refreshing change of pace, Emily woke us up just before 1AM by barfing all down the hallway outside our bedroom.  And when I say it was a "refreshing change of pace" I actually mean it was something that we've had a 50% chance of waking up to every night for the past 10 nights.  I discovered that as annoying as it was to have a child barfing all over the place while on vacation, it is even more annoying to have them barfing all over the place at home because YOU are the one who has to scrub and shampoo the carpets afterward.  If I ever meet the people who lived here before us and decided white carpet upstairs would be a good idea, I will personally punch them in the face.

Middle of the night barf = doctor appointment today = no preschool or gym as originally planned :-(

And don't think I'm being selfish or unfeeling...Emily is pretty much fine during the day except for a couple moments of stomach upset so it's not like I'm standing next to my fever-ridden child who is wasting away and complaining that I can't get to the gym.  This disease, whatever it is, is just more like a long drawn-out nuisance that I am getting really sick of.

So after breakfast,

2 biscuits Barbara's Bakery shredded wheat, skim milk, strawberries, a sprinkle of erythritol, and a fried egg with salsa
 we headed to the doctor's office.  I HATE taking my kids to the doctor because I feel like they are picking up mega-doses of germs while they're there and the last thing I want to do is finally come through this junk we've been dealing with only to come down with a stomach flu.  I was really hoping the doctor would listen to Emily's symptoms, say "I'm sure it's camphlobacter (or some other kind of bacterial infection), here's some antibiotics, and while we're at it here are some for you and your husband and other daughter since you all have been having stomach problems too, you'll all be better by tomorrow!"  That didn't happen, of course.  The doctor couldn't tell us much, but she did advise that we take Emily off of dairy for a week just to go easy on her stomach.  So our next stop was Common Market to pick up some coconut yogurt, oat milk, bananas and applesauce.  I also had them make Emily a banana rice milk soy yogurt apple juice smoothie which she highly enjoyed.  Now we have to procure a "sample", divide it into an array of horrifyingly small vials and take it to the lab.  As if I haven't spent enough time with my kids' bodily fluids already.

I had a Babybel on the sly as a snack since I didn't want to rub it in my newly dairy-free child's face.

Once we got home I was jonesing for a banana-ish smoothie myself, so instead of salad for lunch I whipped up a green smoothie, which I shared with Charlotte.

Banana, spinach, skim milk, nonfat plain greek yogurt, a bit of leftover tofu, cinnamon, stevia, vanilla extract,  ice and some  pretzel legs
 I was worried a smoothie for lunch wouldn't stick with me for long but I was fine until 4:30 when I had my pre-Bodypump snack.
12 "Dibby" almonds

A pear...I forgot to take a picture until after I'd bit it
 My lovely husband offered to hang with the girls tonight so I could get in a Bodypump class since I missed my regularly-scheduled one this morning.

After Bodypump I came home to dinner from the crock pot...African peanut stew from my Peas and Thank You cookbook.  Of course I played with it a little, but it was really yummy.

1/2 cup sweet brown rice plus 1 cup stew topped with nonfat greek yogurt
 It was so yummy, in fact, that I wanted another bowl right away.  But I made myself wait for an hour, and when I STILL wanted more I let myself have another serving since it was pretty low in calories for a dinner.

Second dinner...minus the rice
After some Six Feet Under, I am headed to bed.  I wonder what child in what room with what bodily fluid will wake me up tonight.  It's like a disgusting game of Clue.

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