Friday, February 24, 2012


Good God! I finally managed to get my post for yesterday up, even though the pictures were uncaptioned and in a crazy order. Apparently Apple products just hate Google applications and that's the best I can do :-(

Today was fun though. I passed right out at 9:30 but then woke up confused but refreshed at 4:50AM. With a little effort I managed to get back to sleep until 7:30AM. We're only 1 hour behind here, but it is really messing with my energy and sleep!

We had a nice breakfast of oatmeal with fruit and a hard-boiled egg at our B&B before we checked out and headed on our way. Our first stop was Great Harvest to get some bread. We were hoping to get some sandwiches too, but apparently none of the locations down here make sandwiches :-( They also had a couple different types of bread with HFCS, which I thought was a Great Harvest no-no?

Next we stopped by Hertz again to pick up Will's jacket because he had left it there the day before. It was a nice warm 85 degrees yesterday, but today it is a windy 61 degrees so a jacket is quite necessary!

Once we had bread and were properly clothed we headed to Green, which is a vegetarian restaurant. I love vegetarian restaurants because you can always get interesting and well-prepared veggies whereas most restaurants tend to treat vegetables as an afterthought. I got a raw collard green wrap with mushrooms, pecan hummus, cranberries and all kinds of other yummy stuff that would be a big pain to chop up and prepare for yourself. I loved leaving there feeling stuffed without feeling weighed-down and unhealthy.

I found space in my stomach for a raspberry wheat beer at Freetail Brewery, then we drove north to Dry Comal Creek Vineyard. I was very interested to check out a Texas winery! It was a cute little place, but it turns out that although they make about 14 different kinds of wine they only grow one variety of grape on-site. I get so irritated when wineries do this! I guess I understand that they need to make money while they get established, but why would I want to buy wine in Texas made from grapes grown in California? I can just buy WINE from California and cut out the middle man.

The wine was ok there...the woman kept telling me various wines were "dry as a bone" when they tasted awfully sweet to me. The one she said was "sweet" was painfully sweet. I guess they jut have a different definition of "sweet" than I do.

After our day of driving around exploring the northern San Antonio area we found our resort and checked in. Everything we've seen in this area looks brand-new, and our resort is no exception. It is also massive! I hope it warms up so I can go check out the pool, complete with slides and a lazy river :-)

Will and I were tired so we had dinner here at the hotel...we shared our veal chop and striped bass half and half. The star of dinner was a raspberry habanero margarita. They have ALL KINDS of infused tequilas at the bar there that I might have to check out more thoroughly in the next couple days.

Now I'm headed to bed...I have some serious spa-ing to do tomorrow (this time with Will)!

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