Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quick run-down

Last night, I slept all night long without being awakened by anything. This morning I did not have any extra laundry to do.  All is well in my world once again.

At breakfast, I had a perfect egg cooked for me by my husband.

I topped it with salsa but forgot to take a picture afterward
 After my egg I really wasn't hungry anymore for some reason.  We were also out of Sara-friendly cereals and I didn't feel like making oatmeal, so I made a smoothie instead.

1 banana, 1 orange, 1 cup fat free plain greek yogurt, a dash of skim milk, a dash of vanilla extract, a bit of ground flax, a bit of wheat germ, a handful of ice for extra bulk and a sprinkle of pretzel legs
 This was lovely because I just put a cap on it and brought it with me as I drove around running errands this morning.  It lasted me quite awhile, and I didn't end up needing a morning snack.

Lunch was leftovers.
Leftover African Peanut Stew topped with greek yogurt, peanuts and cilantro
 And a veggie-packed salad on the side.

Greens, carrots, cucumber, broccoli, broccoli rabe sprouts, radishes, tomatoes, and balsamic/hummus/olive oil dressing
 I picked up a couple silicone cupcake liners at the dollar store today, and upon seeing them Emily decided we needed to try them out by making cupcakes immediately.  Furthermore, she wanted to make vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting AND chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  We made coconut flour cupcakes from Heavenly Homemakers (and my old standby of neufchatel/vanilla extract/erythritol frosting) and once we had distributed half the batter and frosting I just tossed some cocoa powder in to make the rest of them chocolate.

Learning to frost cupcakes
Looks like they were pretty good
Basically Emily's goal whenever she suggests baking with me is to sneak as much batter and frosting as possible while we make it.  I did my best to limit her intake, but I sure hope her tummy remains happy tonight.

Charlotte always wakes up from her nap in an extremely volatile mood, but often if I have a tasty snack at the ready it can help her calm back down.  And what could be a better surprise upon waking than to be offered not just one but two different kinds of cupcakes as a snack?  Did it work?

In a word, no
She was the most miserable cupcake-eater I have ever seen.

With all these cupcakes flying around, I distracted myself with healthy(er) snacks instead.

Wasabi seaweed
1 oz blueberry vanilla chevre with 2 Ak Mak crackers

Pear (with 1/4 removed and given to Charlotte) and a Babybel light
 Oh, and don't worry, Charlotte eventually recovered.

 I passed the girls off to Will and headed to Zumba.  It was really nice...the snow kept lots of people away so we had about 25 people vs. 70.  The snow itself was nice too, it was the kind that is pretty but doesn't interfere with my plans.  Perfect :-)

 I got home and warmed up some leftovers for dinner.

3 Freekeh-beef "meat cupcakes"
 Today at the store I bought some kale, and I considered buying multiple bunches but I remembered all those weeks during CSA season when greens went bad because we couldn't finish them all and I left with just 1.  Tonight I was sorry, because I scarfed this in about 2.5 seconds and really wanted more!

Roasted kale chips
 After putting the girls to bed I had a beer and some chocolate for dessert.

Flying Dog Tire Bite

1 section Theo Cherry & Almond Dark chocolate bar
Now I have to dash, I just realized this evening that the maids are coming TOMORROW, not next week, so I have some major picking up to do.  Talk to you again tomorrow when things should be much more chill.

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