Saturday, February 18, 2012


Well, I weighed in today and DESPITE resisting the nutella all night (yes, that was my failed experiment I alluded to last night...I'll get to that later) I gained a pound :-(  I would blame my dinner out and having my snack mix dessert too often, but I am pretty sure it's actually just hormones.  I am feeling puffy.  I won't get a weigh-in on Saturday next week since I'll be gone but I'll weigh in the morning I leave and hopefully I'll be headed back in the right direction by then.  I'm trying not to let it annoy me too badly.

For breakfast this morning I had some oatmeal.  That's right, ANOTHER week that I failed to have the correct ingredients at home and ready for Saturday breakfast.  I know, I'm lame.

1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup skim milk, 1/2 cup water, bananas, a couple roasted hazlenuts, a small dollop of leftover raspberry filling from my raspberry sandwich cookies last week, a sprinkle of Ezekiel cereal and an approaching Charlotte
She thinks she's helping

Also an egg and salsa 

Also a not so good "latte"....1 Starbucks Via packet mixed with milk.
 We all went to the gym, where I did a workout with Will that was targeted at filling in the gaps of Bodypump  (namely lateral movements and abs).  When we got home and I went to make lunch I realized my cheese situation was even more desperate so I had to chop up a cheese stick on my salad.

Greens, sundried tomatoes, broccoli, a couple roasted hazelnuts, avocado hummus, baby corn, 6 olives, balsamic vinegar and 1 tsp olive oil
 Can you tell I have lots of leftover hazelnuts?

I tried to make homemade Nutella yesterday from this recipe since my sister loves the stuff (who doesn't?). However as soon as I added the sweetened condensed milk the chocolate seized and it turned to a huge grainy lump.  "Nothing my Vitamix can't fix!" I thought, and I skipped over to the blender and dumped it all in.  After a couple minutes trying to jam the stuff together my Vitamix stopped working.  I was quite terrified.  After a tense 10 minutes or so it started working again, so I guess it just overheated and cut off but it was scary to think I had been stupid and broken such an expensive (and necessary!) piece of equipment.

Here is my end result:

I did have the tiniest taste right after I made it and determined that it was still delicious, just entirely the wrong consistency.  Today when our friends Lyle and Wendy brought their daughter over to play with Emily I pulled the nasty stuff out to show them and they sampled it and ended up loving it.  Wendy suggested that I roll it into balls and call them truffles, so that's exactly what I did.  Hooray!  I was able to turn them into something presentable enough to give my sister as part of her birthday present AND I got them out of my house!  Win win!

We headed over to my parents' house this evening for the traditional Krista's Birthday Dinner, which is chicken paprika with spaetzle.  I also had some drinks and nibbles along the way because I hadn't eaten since lunch and I was starving.


2 Food Should Taste Good chips with Dad's guacamole

I tried to get Ozzy to pose with my wine but he took one sniff and ran for the hills

Blurry but delicious

Spaetzle time!  Dad made whole wheat this year!  Plus about 3oz chicken breast and some paprika sauce made with Dad's homemade quark
Greenage with balsamic/olive oil 
Fruit salad

My splinter
 Unfortunately during one of my many hops out of and back into my seat during dinner to help one girl or another with something I got a major splinter in my finger!  Luckily Krista was able to provide tweezers, and my Dad pulled it out for me.  He's the best at removing splinters (I got some pretty substantial ones as a kid so I know!)  Will took a picture of it, but of course it looked much bigger in person.

Deep Dish Cookie Pie
Krista loves cookie cake, so we have it every year for her birthday and now I have a great healthy version to bring for Will and I and the girls to have along with everyone else.  Emily has wised up though and realizes that it's different, but as long as we slip a little frosting from the REAL cookie cake onto her piece she's ok with it.  The frosting is all she eats no matter what is under it anyway.

Please forgive any typos, I am too tired to proofread so I am just going to post.  I have to finish packing because I am leaving in the morning for Krista's bachelorette trip!  I HOPE I'll be able to find some way to post tomorrow, but if not I'll be back on Monday!  Have a good weekend!

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