Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Will had to get up at 6:30 this morning, and I felt refreshed enough that I decided to get out of bed then too.  I did a bit of packing and preparing before my daughter came out of her room for some snuggles at 6:48.  Waking up half an hour early made this morning feel so much more relaxed!  Granted I don't always get up right at 7, but it gave me hope for tomorrow morning, which is going to be super-busy.

I had some leftover pancakes for breakfast.  Obviously I observe Shrove Tuesday but not Ash Wednesday.

Scrambled egg, 2 leftover pancakes, maple + yogurt, banana, 2 pecans, cinnamon
That's not actually true, I observe Ash Wednesday sometimes, but today was really busy and I planned to exercise so fasting and going to church in the evening was not very convenient.  I am in a "religion is not especially important to me" phase right now unfortunately.  This is mostly caused by the fact that it is a HUGE PAIN to take the girls to church, even with the daycare provided there.  I keep saying we'll be more devout once the girls get older, but at the same time I do want them to grow up with some religious guidance and I am definitely not the one to provide it.  I keep saying once things slow down we'll start attending church again....we'll see.

I had Carolyn and Abigail over today for a playdate and there was minimal hitting from Charlotte.  Some hard pats on the head and a thrown doll that connected with (but was probably not purposely aimed at) Abigail's head, but no hitting.  That's better, I guess.  And Carolyn even brought me a skinny mocha :-)

which I spilled everywhere
Wanna guess what my late morning snack was?

Yep.  A Babybel light cheese wheel.  And no, I never get tired of those things.  And to change things up a bit I had it with a KeVita.  I don't know how I handle these exciting and dynamic days.

I often bemoan the fact that as a clean eater I can't just order pizza if I don't have the time or energy to make dinner (or clean up afterward), but today I thought to myself "Why not hit up Common Market for an easy dinner?".  So I did, despite the fact that we ate there for lunch yesterday.  This is one of those days where SOMETHING has to give because I've got packing and cleaning to do and I want to get in some exercise too.  I picked out a chicken and was hoping for some pre-prepared veggie side dishes, but since there were none that weren't starchy I just got some quinoa.  I am now realizing I should've checked in the glass sandwich case because they often have food in there too.  I guess I was too busy keeping the girls from running people over (even though they didn't even have their own carts this time).  The world (and particularly the part of the world that includes shopping at Common Market) would be a lot easier if everyone thought my kids were as adorable and  hilarious as I do but unfortunately it's my job as a mother to teach my kids how to become a normal and useful part of the world, not to expect the world to put up with my kids.  Some lessons for today included "Don't poke all the bagels on the food bar" and "Don't spit your sample of blood orange on the floor".

I threw together a salad for myself, and an almost identical salad for my lunch tomorrow, provided the TSA doesn't decide to confiscate it.  There aren't any liquids or gels in it, but I'm sure they'll have to put it through their machine and there will probably be moisture in there.  We'll see.

Greens, grated carrots, baby corn, steamed cauliflower, liquid aminos, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, nutritional yeast
 Later in the afternoon I had a snack of 1 cup of 1% cottage cheese with delicious McCutcheon's juice-sweetened whole cherry jam.

Here is my easy thrown-together from Common Market dinner, half of which I ate before I went to the gym, half of which I ate after the gym.

Chicken breast, quinoa salad that probably had blue cheese red peppers and onions in it (don't remember exactly what the ingredients were)
I went to the gym determined to do Bodypump followed by Zumba this evening.  I thought I was smart by eating half of my dinner and bringing an almond snack to munch halfway through, but then I left my almond snack in my purse, which was in the daycare.  If I went to get them the girls would think I was picking them up and I'd have to crush their hopes by leaving them there for longer, so I went without.

Probably not the best idea, since I am now sitting at home with ZERO energy to do all the rest of the things I need to do to get ready tonight.  However when I poured myself my traditional dessert tonight:

2 Tbsp Sunspire grain-sweetened chocolate chips, 2 Tbsp raisins, 2 Tbsp peanuts
at least I knew I had earned it!

Now I need to go finish packing.  I don't even know if most of this entry makes sense but I'm exhausted and ready to be done with today!  Hopefully I can post while I'm on the trip (I know I always say that, but I have a new plan to try this time!) so stay tuned.

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