Sunday, February 12, 2012

Carrot tops

I hope that one day I can start a blog post without talking about whether there was sleep or not/whether there was barf or not the night before.  But the fact that I slept from 10:45PM-7:20AM last night is extremely significant to me so I feel that I have to share it :-)  Yay!

While Will was whipping up the main part of our breakfast I made some eggs.

Water-scrambled egg with salsa
 My husband made me this perfect Saturday morning breakfast.  One of these weeks we'll actually have it on Saturday again.
1/2 Ezekiel english muffin, 1 Tbsp peanut butter, slices of baked apple, 2 slices Applegate Organics turkey lunchmeat (we ran out of ham) and 3/4 oz Cabot 50% light cheddar
 I ate it in the car because I had to leave for my step class this morning, then afterward I headed to Common Market.  I was very thrown off when I walked up to automatic doors and they didn't open!  Then I noticed that the store doesn't open until 10 on Sundays and it was only 9:47.  I always get confused when I'm out early.  I beat a hasty retreat through the freezing cold wind back to my car and made a list while I waited.  I was there to pick up "a few things", which usually means I walk out with over $100 in groceries :-(  Today it was even worse.  I got a couple of milk substitutes and non-dairy yogurts for Emily to try, Will has decided recently that he likes FAGE ($$$) much better than any other kind of greek yogurt, and since I ran out of goat cheese I decided to go back to blue cheese on my salads for awhile.  I know that I like blue cheeses, some better than others, but I never keep track of which cheese tastes like what.  I got a couple to try (and hopefully remember) today, and all of that contributed to my high bill.

By the time I got home it was almost lunch time so I did NOT have a babybel wheel today (gasp!).  I did sip on a KeVita while I assembled my lunch salad though.
Another blurry salad - greens, sprouts, juice-sweetened dried cranberries, 1 oz Keswick "blue suede moo" cheese, 4 pecans, 1 tsp olive oil, balsamic vinegar and some lemongrass green tea 

That's better

My raspberries, let me show you them
 My afternoon snack was something I just discovered today on my shopping trip.

Strawberry yogurt with pretzel legs
 This is the part I was excited about:

 I grew up eating flavored yogurt in a cup, and it's really the only way I can eat yogurt straight.  I love using greek yogurt for savory dishes and in smoothies but I just can't eat the plain stuff in a bowl no matter what I add to it.  I never buy the stuff in cups because it tends to be loaded with processed sugar, dye and all sorts of other yuck but this one is juice-sweetened!  My yogurt cups might be back on the menu.

I was happily munching along when all of a sudden I discovered something wonderful.

Fruit on the bottom!
 After all the time I spent examining the container I somehow missed the fact that this was a fruit on the bottom dealie.  Double plus good!

Emily peeked over my shoulder the other day while I was reading Pure 2 Raw and spotted their heart cookie sandwiches.  She immediately requested that I make them, and I was happy to oblige today, since they are very healthy and even dairy free which is perfect for her right now.  I followed their directions and ended up with one perfect sandwich.

 Then I got irritated using the cookie cutter on the frozen filling so I just melted it and spread it on like frosting.  The rest did not look this nice but they tasted just fine.  I decided to have my dessert early.  And not surprisingly, so did the girls

The girls (and the boy!) loved them, but as I am coming to realize, Emily is not a leftovers person.  Our cupcakes from last week are still sitting around because she isn't interested anymore.  She scarfed her cookie sandwich down but doesn't want one for dessert tonight.  She's tough like soon as I discover that she loves something and stock up on it she's totally over it.  Add in her new dietary limitations and I'm having to be pretty creative in the kitchen these days.

The olives I got at Common Market today were calling my name, so I made them my late afternoon snack.

Red pepper-stuffed olives
I actually had 6.  Even though I'm not doing Weight Watchers anymore I still remember that 6 large olives is 1 point, so I consider that a serving size.  The 6th wouldn't fit in my little cupcake liner though.

I found a pretty multicolored bunch of carrots at the store a couple days ago, and whenever I have carrot tops I make carrot top soup.  I always halve the butter and add shredded zucchini or yellow squash (since I have a ton in the summer and I freeze it to use throughout the year).  Then I like to puree half of it so it's creamy AND chunky.

Carrot top soup, leftover pulled pork, garlic and olive oil roasted fingerling poatoes with onions 
 Since I already had a dessert today, I had a combination beer/dessert after dinner.

Smells and tastes very banana-y
This week should be busy and fun so I'm not as sad that the weekend is over this week.

Time to pick up a bit more for the maids who are (hopefully) coming tomorrow, then get to bed.  Goodnight!

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